How will mobile change your future?
MLOVE ConFestival Europe 2012, Trailer
Sergi Marcen i Lopez, Government of Catalonia, @Mobile World Congress 2013
Claudio Cossio at Interesante, @Mobile World Congress 2013
Shinta W Dhanuwardoyo at Nusantara Ventures, @Mobile World Congress 2013
Jerome Nadel at Rambus, @Mobile World Congress 2013
Gloria Chan at Momentum, @Mobile World Congress 2013
Ramzi Rizk at EyeEm, @Mobile World Congress 2013
Jennifer Lawton at Makerbot Industries, @Mobile World Congress 2013
Salim Virani at Leancamp, @Mobile World Congress 2013
Charles Lepley at Orbotix @Mobile World Congress 2013
Scott Jenson, Creative Director at frog design @MLOVE ConFestival USA 2012
Dennis Crowley, Co-Founder foursquare @MWC 2012
Scott Jenson, Creative Director at frog design @MWC 2012
Nicholas Heller, Head of New Business Development, Google Europe @MWC 2012
Mark Curtis, CCO Fjord and Founder Flirtomatic @MWC 2012
David Gosen, European Managing Director, Digital, Online & Telecoms at Nielsen @MWC 2012
;Dcloud - emotify your life

World premiere of emoji cloud service ";Dcloud" at the Mobile World Congress 2012

MLOVE 2011, Chamillionaire Keynote
MLOVE 2011 Documentation
MLOVE 2011, Chamillionaire Interview
MLOVE 2011, Daniel Graf Keynote
MLOVE 2011, Jane Mason Keynote
MLOVE 2011, Peter Hale Keynote
MLOVE 2011, Russell Buckley Keynote
MLOVE 2011, Panel Music
MLOVE 2011, Thomas Goetz Interview
MLOVE 2011, Panel Health & Education
MLOVE 2011, Panel Communication & Singularity
MLOVE 2011, Panel Mobile & Innovation
MLOVE 2011, Kei Shimada Keynote
MLOVE 2011, Bernd Kolb Keynote
MLOVE 2011, Yuri van Geest Keynote
MLOVE 2011, Aape Pohjavirta and Enrique Tamés Muñoz Keynote
MLOVE 2011, Martin Lange Keynote
MLOVE 2011, Panel Communication
MLOVE 2011, Corvida Raven Keynote
MLOVE 2011, Corvida Raven Interview
MLOVE 2011, Ariel Geifman Keynote
MLOVE 2011, Thomas Goetz Keynote
MLOVE 2011, Kei Shimada Interview
MLOVE 2011, Beverly W. Jackson Interview
MLOVE 2011, Adele Waugaman Interview
MLOVE 2011, Jonathan MacDonald Keynote
MLOVE 2011, Peter Hale Interview
MLOVE Party at Mobile World Congress 2013

How will mobile change your future?

The MLOVE ConFestival has been named a "TED for Mobile" and a meetup of the "IT avantgarde" with an engaging and inspiring format in the setting of a 19th century castle in the former Eastern Germany. The MLOVE ConFestival is focusing on innovative mobile opportunities for brands, entertainment and advertising and the impact of mobile as a social catalyst for positive change.

The MLOVE tribe started grass roots by an international group of "mobile passionistas" in 2008. Through MLOVE "camps" in Andorra, Barcelona, San Francisco, Munich, London, New York and Singapore the agenda for MLOVE evolved into more than mobile.

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